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The following frequently asked questions are posted to help you better understand the Plan.

Opt Out

Can I opt out?

If you're already covered under another Plan (not including basic provincial health care or UHIP), you may opt out of the AMS Health and/or Dental Plans during the Change-of-Coverage Period. Only new students in January can opt out during the Winter Change-of-Coverage Period. For more information and for MBA students, click here.

How do I opt out?

All opt outs are done online through our websitehere. You’ll need your student ID number and your date of birth. Opting out online ensures quick processing and allows you to receive an instant confirmation of your opt out.

How do I know if my opt out is complete?

After you have successfully opted out of the Plan, you'll receive an automated confirmation email once your opt out is complete. If you don’t receive an opt out confirmation email by the end of the Change-of-Coverage Period, please contact the Care Centre.

How and When do I get my refund?

If you successfully opt out, the Plan fee will be removed from your student account shortly after the end of the appropriate Change-of-Coverage Period.

Self Enrolment

How can I enrol myself in the Plan?

All self-enrolments are done online during the appropriate Change-of-Coverage Period. Eligible students can enrol themselves by completing the Ancillary Fee Opt-in Form, which can be found on the Queen’s University website here. Once completed and signed, the form must be emailed to [email protected]. For more information, click here

How long is my self-enrolment valid for?

All self-enrolments for Fall Term students are valid from Sept. 1, 2023 – Aug. 31, 2024. New eligible Winter Term students may enrol themselves in the Plan for coverage from Jan. 1, 2024– Aug. 31, 2024.

Couple & Family Enrolments

Can I enrol my family in the Plan?

Yes, your Plan gives you the option to enrol your family (spouse and/or dependent children) during the appropriateChange-of-Coverage Period by completing an enrolment process and by paying an additional fee, over and above your individual fee as a Plan member, through our website by clicking here. Common law couples are eligible.

Can I enrol all of my family members?

Your Plan gives you the option to enrol your dependent children and/or your spouse. You can only cover one spouse at a time.

Can I opt out and enrol my family members?

No, you must remain covered by the Plan in order to enrol your eligible family members. Dependants’ coverage must be equal to or lesser than the Plan member’s coverage.

Will their coverage automatically be renewed next year?

Coverage is only for the current policy year. If you want to cover your dependants in subsequent policy years, you must renew your couple/family coverage during the Change-of-Coverage Period at the beginning of each school year.


What are the different ways I can claim?

You can submit claims quickly and easily on the Securian Canada Health-Portal mobile app available on the App Store or Google Play. Alternatively, you can also submit your receipts and paper claims directly to Securian Canada, or online by visiting See the registration guide to get started. 

What’s an Explanation of Benefits?

An explanation of benefits (EOB) statement tells you what portion of a claim was paid to the health-care provider and what portion you must pay. Once your claim has been processed, you’ll receive an EOB from your insurer either electronically or by mail.

How do I register for direct deposit?

You can register for direct deposit online by visiting You will need your member ID, which is your Group Number/Prefix + your 9-digit student ID number. See registration guideto get started. 

How do I track and view my claims history?

You can track and view your claims history by visiting You will need your member ID, which is your Group Number/Prefix + your 9-digit student ID number. See the registration guide to get started.

Is there a claiming deadline?

All health and dental claims must be received by Securian Canada no later than 90 days after the end of the policy year in which the claims were incurred or 90 days after the end of your coverage, whichever is sooner. 

 For services incurred on or after Sept. 1, 2023, your claims must be received by Nov. 29, 2024. 

 For services incurred before Sept. 1, 2023

 Submit claims to Sun Life Assurance Company of Canada. Complete a Sun Life claim form and mail it to the address on the form. 

 All claims for services incurred before Sept. 1, 2023 must be received by Sun Life by Oct. 31, 2023. 

What’s changing with the Studentcare mobile app?

Note that the Studentcare mobile app will no longer be available as of Sept. 1, 2023. Please make sure to save any important information (e.g. sent claims history) currently stored there, as you’ll no longer be able to access it on the app. 

Prescription Drugs

Which drugs are covered under my Plan?

The AMS Health Plan covers those medications listed in the National Formulary or in the Special Authorization Formulary (NASA), including most oral contraceptives, insulin, and diabetic supplies. For more information, including prescription drug coverage maximums and exceptions, pleaseclick here.

How do I know if my drug is eligible for coverage?

To find out if a drug is eligible for coverage under the Plan, please visit or the Securian Canada Health-Portal mobile app to access the online Drug Coverage Search tool.

How do I use my Pay-Direct Card?

By presenting the Pay-Direct Card with your valid student ID card, you can fill your prescriptions at most pharmacies in Ontario. The pharmacist will be able to process the claim immediately, so you won’t have to pay the full amount up front and wait to be reimbursed.

Studentcare Networks

What are the Studentcare Networks?

The Studentcare Networks are composed of different types of health and dental practitioners conveniently located in your area and other regions of Canada. Their commitment to helping students provides you with the option of paying less for their services. Studentcare Networks savings work in addition to your insured benefits so that you can save even more money.

Do I have to see a Studentcare Networks professional?

You’re not limited to Studentcare Networks members. You’re covered for the insured portion regardless of the practitioner you choose. By consulting a member of the Studentcare Networks, you’ll get additional coverage.

Out-of-Province Students

Can I access the Plan benefits if I move to Ontario but keep my home provincial health care?

Yes, you can access your Plan benefits if you have access to any Canadian provincial health-care coverage.

Can I use the Plan benefits anywhere in Canada?

Yes, you can use your Plan benefits anywhere in Canada. For more information on how to claim, click here.

Combining Plans & Coordinating Benefits

Can I coordinate benefits with another plan?

Yes, if you’re covered by another extended plan in addition to your student Plan (e.g. through a parent's or spouse's employer, or your own employer), you may coordinate the benefits in order to increase your overall coverage, up to 100%.

How do I coordinate benefits with my employee plan?

If you’re covered by your employer in addition to a student Plan, your employee plan is your primary plan. All claims must first be submitted to your employee plan, and then the remaining balance can be sent to your student Plan. For step-by-step instructions, click here.

How do I coordinate benefits with my parent’s or spouse’s plan?

If you’re covered by your spouse’s or parent’s plan in addition to a student Plan, your student Plan is your primary plan. All claims must first be submitted to your student Plan, and then the remaining balance can be sent to your spouse’s or parent’s plan. For step-by-step instructions, click here.

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