As of Sept. 1, 2023, your student Health & Dental Plan is no longer administered by Studentcare.

If you are submitting claims for services incurred before Sept. 1, 2023, your claims must be received by Desjardins Insurance  by Nov. 29, 2023.

Use your Group Number Q1602 and your Certificate Number (your 9-digit student ID number).

Claim forms can be found below:

Health & Vision Claim Form

Dental Claim Form

If you use any of your travel benefits, you must call CanAssistance immediately to find out how and when to submit your claims. See the Travel Health Passport and the detailed explanation of coverage below for more information.

Travel Health Passport

Detailed explanation of coverage

CanAssistance can be reached at the following telephone numbers:

Canada and United States: 1-866-601-2583

Other countries: 0-204-775-2583 (collect)

For any questions, please contact your student association.