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This website has been updated for the 2021-2022 policy year (Sept. 1, 2021 - Aug. 31, 2022). For information on the 2020-2021 policy year, click here .
Click here for an FAQ on Plan coverage related to COVID-19 that will be continually updated as we monitor the situation.

Advantages of my coverage

In addition to your Plan coverage, you have access to other services, including:

  • Online Services: an online coverage manager to make changes to your coverage and to enrol your spouse and/or dependent children during the Change-of-Coverage & Opt-Out Period, a mobile app to submit claims, and access to the insurer’s website to check your claims’ status online
  • Studentcare Networks: Networks of over 3,000 health-care practitioners across Canada who have reduced the cost of their services for Plan members
  • Dialogue: a virtual health-care service that allows you to connect with nurses and physicians via a mobile or web app from anywhere in Canada

Online Services

Online Opt Outs and Enrolments

During the Change-of-Coverage & Opt-Out Period, if you’re an eligible student, you can change your coverage, enrol your spouse and/or dependent children, or opt out of the Plan through the online coverage manager.  If you are eligible, you can also enrol yourself here.

Mobile App for Claims

Search Studentcare mobile on the App Store or Google Play, and use the app to:

  • Submit your claims quickly and securely on your smartphone
  • Access your Pay-Direct Card for immediate processing of prescription drug claims

Click here for more information.

Checking Your Claim’s Status Online

Once you've had a claim processed by the insurer, you can view your claims information, print details of your claims, and register for direct deposit on your insurer's website. Click here for more information.

Studentcare Networks

You’re covered for the insured portion of your Plan regardless of the health-care practitioner you choose. By consulting a Studentcare Network member, you’ll get additional coverage.


Preferred rates on 50-minute adult therapy or coaching   sessions


20%-30% off dental services


Greiche & Scaff

  • 15% or $100 off* a complete pair of prescription eyeglasses and sunglasses (frames and lenses)

*The higher discount will apply.

Studentcare Montreal Vision Network

  • $70 eye exams*
  • $75 off prescription eyeglasses (frames and lenses)

*Certain conditions apply.


  • $50 off per eye on Standard LASIK*
  • $100 off per eye on Custom LASIK*

*Certain conditions apply.

  • No more than $60 for an initial assessment
  • $55 for subsequent treatments
  • Reduction on the first visit
  • No more than $45 per visit from the second visit onwards

Other Services

Combining Plans & Coordinating Benefits

If you're covered by another extended plan in addition to your student Plan (e.g. through a parent's or spouse's employer, or your own employer), you may coordinate the benefits in order to increase your overall coverage, up to 100%. Click here for instructions.

Virtual Care – Dialogue

Part of the Health Plan

Virtual Health Care

Connect with nurses and physicians via a mobile or web app from anywhere in Canada: