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The website is being updated for the 2022-2023 policy (Sept. 1, 2022 - Aug. 31, 2023). For information on the 2021-2022 policy year, click here .
Click here for an FAQ on Plan coverage related to COVID-19 that will be continually updated as we monitor the situation.

Who's Covered?

Answer the following questions to help determine whether you’re

  • automatically covered by the Plan
  • not automatically covered but eligible to enrol yourself in the Plan
  • not eligible for the Plan
Check Your Claim's Status Check Your Claim's Status
Have you completed your studies at your academic institution?
Are you part of any of the following categories of students?
  • Full-time undergraduate students who are registered in 4 or more courses
Are you part of any of the following categories of eligible students?

  • Part-time Cohort students
  • Full-time undergraduate co-op students (with proof of co-op status)
Are the “UWSA Drug Plan” or the “UWSA Dental Plan” line items part of your tuition statement?

Go check your Student Fee Account online or your academic institution’s detailed breakdown.

Please note that any changes to your student status might affect your tuition statement.

You’re not eligible for the Plan. 

You’re automatically charged and covered by the Plan.

Please note that students and their dependants aren't covered for out-of-province or out-of-country emergency services once they reach age 65.

Coverage for Your Spouse and/or Your Dependent Children
You can extend your coverage to your family (spouse and/or dependent children) by enrolling them in the Plan and paying an additional fee, over and above your individual fee as a Plan member. Common law couples are eligible. See the Couple & Family Enrolments section for details.

Understanding my coverage

You’re not automatically covered by the Plan, but you may be eligible to enrol yourself.

Self Enrolment

If you have exceptional circumstances and can document them, you can submit a self-enrolment request in writing. 

Exception Request

Fill in the Support Form for help.

Support Form

You haven’t been charged for the Plan.

Assistance Centre